March 1, 1998

25 Years Ago

Schools To Stress Agri-Science—The Board of Education Wednesday accepted an in-depth report and recommendations of citizens committee interested in up-grading the number and calibre of Agricultural Science courses in the Carroll County School System. The report analyzed agriculture oriented course offerings presently available in the schools and concluded that the Agriculture-Science programs in being were not responsive to the needs of the county. Putting the problem into a dollar and cents perspective, the report said, “Agri-business is big business in Carroll County. Gross sales of agriculture in the county is $25 million annually. The gross of related business and services is another $25 million. This is contrasted with a decline in program offerings in the county schools. No courses are presently offered at North Carroll or Westminster High Schools.” The Carroll Record, March 1, 1973.

50 Years Ago

Red Cross Campaign Opens – Carroll County’s Quota $9,280 – Westminster District One Half of Above – F. Kale Mathias and Rev. John Cooper Chairmen of Chapter — Carroll county’s quota of $9,280.00 for the 1948 Red Cross Fund Drive, March 1 to 31, was launched on Monday night at the Charles Carroll Hotel at a workers’ meeting arranged by the chapter. About 60 were in attendance, which included the newly organized Gray Ladies’ Unit, who give their time each Tuesday at the Springfield State Hospital. F. Kale Mathias, chairman of the Carroll County Chapter, presided for the meeting which was opened by an invocation by the Rev. John R. Cooper, rector of Ascension Episcopal church, and who is fund campaign chairman for the county this year. The assembly than sang “America.” Dinner music was played by Charles Swinderman featuring the solovox. The National flag was flanked by the Red Cross Flag and miniature flags of the United Nations. Democratic Advocate, March 5, 1948.

75 Years Ago

Work on New Theatre Started—A force of men are busily engaged moving their residence and store room adjoining the Star Picture Theatre to make space for the erection of the up-to-date
theatre by Mr. W. H. Davis. The room occupied by the Star stands on the ground that the theatre is to be over and will also be torn away as soon as Mr. Osborne places fixtures in the room occupied by Shaw Drug Company and John T. Royer will also be remodeled.Democratic Advocate, March 2, 1923.

100 Years Ago

Local Legislation—The bill to punish gambling in Carroll county was amended in the Senate by reducing the maximum period of imprisonment for violating its provisions to six months, and the maximum fine from $100 to $50. In this shape the bill passed the Senate and was sent to the House, where, upon the assurance of Dr. Norris that the amendments were satisfactory they were concurred in and the bill was passed. It is said to be a very stringent measure. A petition was presented by Mr. Stansbury praying the creation of a new election district, out of part of Freedom district, to be known as Berret district No. 14, and leave was granted him to introduce a bill for that purpose. The Senate passed the bill to regulate the sale of eye glasses in Carroll county. American Sentinel, March 12, 1898.