May 10, 1998

25 Years Ago

In June Banks Serving As Lottery Ticket Centers—The Carroll County Bank and Trust, Farmers and Mechanics National Bank and Taneytown Bank and Trust Co. are among fifty-one banks
around the State selected as distribution centers for Maryland State Lottery tickets. According to George P. Mahoney, Chairman of the State Lottery Commission, the banks will begin getting their tickets May 9. They will then distribute the tickets to sales agents who will pick them up weekly beginning May 15 at bank branches near their places of business. The Carroll Record, May 10, 1973.

50 Years Ago

INFLATED VALUES IN MORTGAGES – Purchaser May be Heading For Serious Financial Difficulties When Prices Decline—Farmers who purchase land at inflated values and mortgage it for more than one-third of the total price, may be heading for serious financial difficulties when prices and farm values decline. This was pointed out by Dr. S. H. DeVault, head of Agricultural Economics and Marketing Department at the University of Maryland, when he called attention to the fact that prices of farm real estate are now 21 percent above the 1920 level. “Land values have doubled in this state since 1940,” he warned, “but there is an indication that they are now leveling off. The increase for the year ending March 31, 1948 was only 2.6 percent. This is in contrast to the 12 percent increase each year from 1942 to 1947.” The agricultural economist also stated that last year, for the first time since 1927, the farm mortgage debt started to rise. “The trend in farm debt is continuing upward, and it is an unhealthy sign,” he said. “But the farmer who is cautious during the boom is fairly secure if he is relatively free of debt and has some accumulated saving.” Democratic Advocate, May 14, 1948.

75 Years Ago

CARROLL CIRCUIT–Mother’s day will be observed on the Carroll Circuit with services at Brandenburg’s Methodist Protestant church in the morning, Harmony Grove in the afternoon, and Zion at night, by a message on “Mother”. The Sunday School hour and C. E. meetings will be at the usual time at all three of our appointments. Visitors and strangers welcome. S. R. Martin, Pastor. Democratic Advocate, May 11, 1923.

100 Years Ago

Barn Raising—Joseph Englar raised the frame of his large bank barn, on Friday of last week, on the John Q. Senseney farm, Linwood. The frame was raised and put in place without a hitch,
taking two hours to do it, as everything had been so well prepared. The size of the barn is 50 by 76 feet. The foundation is a substantial one and has 298 perch of stone in it. After the raising all were invited to the house of Jesse Nusbaum, tenant on the farm, where 146 people did ample justice to the dinner prepared for them. Tobias Martin is the carpenter and John Stone the mason. American Sentinel, May 14, 1898.