September 27, 1998

25 Years Ago

Physical Education Dominates School Curriculum Hearing—Representatives from three counties spoke out against dropping Physical Education as a required course in public high schools in Maryland at a hearing on a proposed revision of high school curriculum Monday. Many of the suggested changes in curriculum were revolutionary, such as: doing away with all grading and grade promotions; allowing students to attend classes on a split schedule or in the evening; and issuing credits toward a diploma for on-the-job training; but most of the persons present were concerned only that Phys. Ed. might be changed from a required subject to an elective. At present, Phys. Ed. is required for one of the four years during secondary education. In the proposed plan, it would not be required at all but would still be available for interested students. The Carroll Record, September 27, 1973.

50 Years Ago

The Donkey Ball Game—Mayor Mathias with the pose of a professional ball player fired the first ball to the batter in the donkey ball game Saturday night. That started the donkeys and their
riders to play ball, with a large attendance applauding. The game was well played with the donkeys, the winners and the riders pressing out the kinks and hurts here and there. The batter would hit the ball and jump upon the donkey, headed for first base. But hold on. The donkey refused to move to the happy landing base. Why the base runner was not on the donkey long enough to start. The donkeys would take orders from their manager, who would shut one eye and the runner was in a heap on the ground. The affair was sponsored by the Westminster Fire Department who realized around $275. Democratic Advocate, September 24, 1948.

75 Years Ago

Merry Maker’s Club—The young people of Reese and Sandyville had a get-to-gether meeting several months ago and organized a club. The name “Merry Maker’s” was chosen for this Club.
This club has been active ever since, having something of interest several times each month, including among them was a straw ride, a corn roast and last week they held a box social with a very good attendance. They have monthly meetings for their business and reception of new members. They now have a degree team to initiate all new members. Their next meeting will be held on October 4 at the home of Miss Stella and Myrtle Green, at Reese. This club is organized to help the young people of this community. Their aim is to build a community Hall next summer. Their officers are, President, A. H. Gehman; Vice President, Miss Bettie Flater; Secretary, Mrs. Luther Brown, and Treasurer Miss Florence Myerly. Democratic Advocate, September 28, 1923.

100 Years Ago

Reese Items—Grand Tournament and Picnic-Base Ball and Other Items—The tournament and picnic held at Reese, on the 17th instant, proved quite a success socially and financially, as all
seemed bent on a good time, and we believe they had it, as it was an occasion of jollity and various forms of amusement were indulged in. The first enjoyment of the day was the tournament. The knights were called to the stand by chief marshal Jesse (Dock) Stem, when he charge was delivered by Michael E. Walsh, Esq., of the Westminster Bar. The judges were Nicholas W. Steele, of Oakland Mills, Democratic nominee for Congress in the 2d district; associates, J. Brooke Irwin and Grant Baseman. The successful knights and ladies crowned by them were Horace Warehime, Knight of Will If I can, who crowned Miss Julia Hook, Queen of Love and Beauty; Edgar S. Caple, Knight of Reese; Miss Nellie Oursler, First Maid of Honor; Carroll Owens, Knight of Round Top; Miss Bell Grove, Second Maid of Honor; Howard Green, Knight of Pleasant Grove; Miss Ada Oursler, Third Maid of Honor. Democratic Advocate, September 24, 1898.