September 6, 1998

25 Years Ago

State Police Recruiting Females—The Maryland State Police will shortly have a new look – as a pilot program utilizing a limited number of females trained as Troopers gets underway. These
women will have full police powers and will be assigned in specialized areas of law enforcement throughout the state. Applicants for the Trooper Specialist position must have a minimum height of 5’6″ without shoes, a minimum weight of 120 pounds in proportion to their height, a minimum vision of 20- 30 uncorrected which is correctable to 20-20 and be in excellent physical condition with good moral character. Applicants must also be high school graduates or equivalents, a United States citizen, a Maryland resident and possess a valid Maryland driver’s license as of the date of appointment. The Carroll Record, September 6, 1973.

50 Years Ago

Hiss – Chambers In Real Estate Deal In County – Edward W. Case and Calvin Zepp, Business Agents, Identify Both As Contractors For Farms In Bachman’s Valley—Wilson Auld, Jr., and Alexander Glifford in Baltimore News-Post on Friday, August 27, wrote the following on Hiss-Chambers incident: A new link between the names of Alger Hiss and Whittaker Chambers was uncovered by The Baltimore News-Post Friday. It is in the form of a desolate, ramshackle house, 3 miles away from a paved road outside Westminster, Md. It has been discovered that both Hiss and Chambers showed a keen interest in this odd and secluded rural home, and that first Hiss and then Chambers signed purchase contracts for it, the house finally becoming the property of Chambers. Democratic Advocate, September 3, 1948.

75 Years Ago

Make Japan’s Total Death Toll 320,000 – Work Of Destruction Begun By Quakes, Completed By Flames, Explosions, Bursting Of Water Mains, Overflow Of Rivers And Rush Of Tidal
Waves.—New Islands Are Born of Catastrophe.- Shanghai, Sept. 4 — Death in Japan as a result of Saturday’s earthquake number 320,000, according to the latest estimate received by the Eastern News Agency from the Osaka Asahi. This estimate said there were 150,000 dead in Tokyo; 100,000 in Yokohama; 60,000 in Yokosuka, and 10,000 in Atami. Red Cross Sends Check—The Carroll County Chapter, American Red Cross has been asked to raise $700 for the Japanese Relief Fund. The call is urgent for an immediate response and a check has been sent. Believing that many of our citizens will want to contribute to the relief of the suffering millions caused by the greatest calamity in the world’s history the Red Cross will receive contributions which should be made promptly. Subscriptions can be made to the officers of the chapter and branches left at any bank in the county or sent direct to H. P. Gorsuch, chairman or W. Carroll Shunk, treasurer. Democratic Advocate, September 7, 1923.

100 Years Ago

Eastview Items—Our neighborhood and vicinity has been greatly patronized by Baltimoreans and visitors from different sections this summer. As we have a most beautiful view and a
very healthy locality all seem to have been highly pleased with the surroundings and reported beneficial results, as the heat has been so intense this summer, and still continues, every one trys to find the coolest spot possible. A great many of our visitors have returned to their homes, but seemed loathe to leave for the hot city while the heat is so intense. Democratic Advocate, September 3, 1898.