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Welcome to The Historical Society of Carroll County, Maryland

In today’s mobile society, history—especially family and community history—allows people to find their “roots” and become invested in their community and its future. History is not just dates, one after the other. It is multidisciplinary, complex. Music, art, and literature intertwine with entrepreneurship, scientific innovation, politics, religion, and philosophy. HSCC is Carroll County’s premier storyteller, using all its resources (artifacts, documents, expertise) to create true stories of the people, places, events, cultures, and traditions that make Carroll County unique and place it within the broader context of American history. HSCC has a significant role to play in providing interactive and multigenerational educational programming to serve its current audiences and attract new ones.

What’s New

Rough Stone to Living Marble: Sculpture Studio of William Henry Rinehart

BLT: Tueday, October 17, 12 p.m.

Serving Your Country: Stories of Carroll County Veterans

Celebrate Veterans Day with stories of some of Carroll's many military veterans (and the time they celebrated the end of a war too early!)

The Story of… Francis Jesse Crawford

It is the Historical Society’s charge to utilize its resources and its educational expertise to chronicle the ongoing activities of the county’s people and to make this information accessible to everyone in relevant ways. Find the story of Francis J. Crawford (1819-1885), a Carroll County physician, whose life can be documented through the use of two- and three-dimensional items owned by HSCC. Dr. Crawford’s narrative is only one of many that the Society has to tell.


Treasures of Carroll County – Compass Designed by Goldsmith Chandlee

Several generations of the Wampler family used this early compass by noted Quaker instrument maker Goldsmith Chandlee.


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