January 31, 1999

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25 Years Ago Many Matters Get Attention Of School Board - Schools Will Return To Routine Starting Time On March 4 — The Board of Education of Carroll County met on January 16 and discussed the following items of interest to this community: Energy Crisis —The Board unanimously voted March 1, 1974 as the last day [...]

February 7, 1999

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25 Years Ago o Energy Official Tells Optimists What Matters Is Adjusting—The present fuel crunch is a real one and not likely to go away for quite a while according to Mike Smith of the State of Maryland Energy Policy Office. Mr. Smith addressed the Freedom Optimists at the Community Center on Tuesday evening, February 5. [...]

January 24, 1999

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25 Years Ago Editorial - Is There A Gasoline Shortage?— With Congress getting its "back up" at last over the energy crisis, oil companies are being forced to reveal that their storage tanks are overflowing and that they actually have more gasoline on hand than at this time last year. Yet, through a foolish and totally [...]

January 17, 1999

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25 Years Ago Edward Leister To Head 'Dimes' Fund Campaign - Mothers March Set For January 22 - District Solicitation Chairman Announced—Edward Leister, branch manager of the Union National Bank at 140 Village Shopping Center, is the 1974 chairman of the March of Dimes Financial campaign. Leister has announced that the Mothers March will be held [...]

January 10, 1999

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25 Years Ago Adult Education Course Offered On Alcohol Problem—Possibly the first course like it in the State of Maryland will be offered in the Carroll County School system through the Adult Education Division. The title of this course will be "Alcohol and Adolescents." Its subject is a comprehensive look at the drug alcohol, its effects [...]

January 3, 1999

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25 Years Ago Bank Merger To Take Effect Today (Friday)—The merger of Maryland National Bank and Sykesville State Bank at the close of business Friday, January 4th, has been approved by the Comptroller of the Currency and all other necessary regulatory authorities. Robert D. H. Harvey, chairman and president of Maryland National, has announced that the [...]


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