26 December 1993 – Calendar Photos

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"1994 Calendar Photos" Carroll County Times for 26 December 1993 By Joe Getty   Military Heritage of Carroll County  1994 Calendar   Published by the Historical Society of Carroll County The 1994 Carroll County Heritage Calendar features photographs depicting Carroll County's participation in American military history. Our citizens' involvement with the military has played a prominent [...]

19 December 1993 – Publications Convey Message of History

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"Publications Convey Message of History" Carroll County Times article for 19 December 1993 By Joe Getty There are many ways that a historical organization can convey its many messages about local history. Typically organizations use newsletters and public programs as their primary educational vehicles. Ventures in the local media through articles and programs for newspapers, radio [...]

12 December 1993 – World War I Christmas Cards

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World War I Christmas Cards" Carroll County Times article for 12 December 1993 By Jay A. Graybeal While researching the Historical Society's current exhibition and companion publication, both entitled "Carroll County and the Great War of Civilization, 1917-1919," I found numerous postcards related to the war. Illustrated here are three examples sent in 1917 from Pvt. [...]

5 December 1993 – World War I Letters

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"World War I Letters" Carroll County Times article for 5 December 1993 By Joseph M. Getty "The Christmas Holiday - The festival will be an especially joyous one for America this year. The shadow of a great and cruel war has been lifted from us. We look forward to an era of peace and prosperity." Union Bridge [...]

28 November 1993 – Thanksgiving 1917

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"Thanksgiving 1917" Carroll County Times article for 28 November 1993 By Jay A. Graybeal The 1917 Thanksgiving holiday was observed quietly around our county, in contrast to the prior year's celebration on the safe return of local national guardsmen from their service on the Mexican Border. Businesses and public buildings were closed as families gathered for [...]

21 November 1993 – Countians feared being buried alive

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"Countians feared being buried alive" Carroll County Times article for 21 November 1993 By Joe Getty and Jay Graybeal Buried alive! Modern medical science has greatly allievated our phobias about being buried alive. For most of history, however, being mistaken for dead and buried alive was a real fear of the living. Today's knowledge about the [...]

14 November 1993 – World War I Exhibition

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“World War I Exhibition” Carroll County Times for 14 November 1993 By Jay Graybeal 75 years have passed since the “doughboys” of General Pershing’s American Expeditionary Forces went “Over There.”  Transported by “blue jackets” and brigaded with some “leathernecks,” the Americans “kicked the Kaiser” and helped end the Great War for Civilization.  While nearly all of [...]

7 November 1993 – WWI Exhibit Photo Essay

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"WWI Exhibit Photo Essay" Carroll County Times article for 7 November 1993 By Jay A. Graybeal Seventy-five years ago today, Carroll Countians celebrated the "False Armistice" in the mistaken belief that World War I had ended. The disappointed citizens had to wait a few more days until the war really did end "at the eleventh hour [...]

31 October 1993 – Halloween Article

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"Halloween Article" Carroll County Times article for 31 October 1993 By Joe Getty Historical references to Halloween are scattered in the archives of Carroll County history. The parades for costumed children that are held today have long traditions in our communities. The assorted pranks and tricks played on neighbors are stored in our collective memories and [...]

24 October 1993 – Taneytown Red Cross in WWI

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"Taneytown Red Cross in WWI" Carroll County Times Article for 24 October 1993 By Jay A Graybeal Several recent articles have explored some of the military history of Carroll County during World War 1. While the servicemen and women prepared for military service, local residents formed support organizations. The Carroll County Chapter, American Red Cross was [...]


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