25 Years Ago County Receives Federal Grants Totaling $147,385—Federal funds amounting to over
$147,000 have been approved for restoration of the grist mill in Union Mills and for purchase of 65 acres
of parkland around Piney Run reservoir, it was announced this week. Maryland Senators, J. Glenn Beall,
and Charles McC. Mathias, have advised that the Department of Housing and Urban Development has
approved two requests, submitted last summer by Carroll County, for federal matching grants for the
historic and recreation projects. A grant of $100,000 to be matched by an equal amount of state and
local funds, is earmarked for restoration of the 18th Century grist mill at the Homestead in Union Mills.
The mill, dating back to 1797 and subsequently used as a post office, school, tavern and magistrates
office, still contains equipment and furnishings associated with the early days in Maryland. The Carroll
Record, January 11, 1973.
50 Years Ago Germ War Is Greater Threat Than Atom, Says Scientist – An Atomic Bombing Might Kill and
Maim A Portion of 150,000 and Destroy City; Typhoid and Dysentery Killed More Than Died On The
Battlefield—Bacteriological warfare is an even greater threat than atomic warfare to the security of the
future, says Dr. Frank Holtman, head of the University of Tennessee bacteriology department. Dr.
Holtman announced recently: “While an atomic bombing might kill and maim a goodly portion of the
population in a city of 150,000 as well as destroy the major portion of the city itself, bacteriological
warfare might very easily wipe out the entire population within a week.” Such warfare would leave
buildings intact, making that “one primary reason” the enemy would use it as a weapon, he added.
Then, industries, buildings, military installations, and supplies would be almost immediately available for
enemy use. Democratic Advocate,January 9, 1948.
75 Years Ago The Carroll County Banquet—The Carroll County Society of Baltimore City will hold its
fourth annual banquet on Friday evening January 19th, at the Emerson Hotel at 7 o’clock. Hon. Albert
Johnson Congressman from the State of Washington, a newspaper man, a soldier of the late War and
Chairman of the Committee on Immigration will speak on Immigration, which is a subject that every
American is interested in at this time when there are millions on the other side that wish to enter our
country. Mr. Johnson’s reputation as a speaker is very well known. Every one who has been a resident of
Carroll county or is now a resident will be interested in the settlement and erecting of Carroll county
which subject will be discussed by Joseph D. Brooks, Esq., of Westminster. Lafayette Temple, of
Baltimore who is celebrated as a humorist, will keep the assemblage is good humor. The famous
Westminster quartet which is well known to all of Carroll, with John Bohl’s Orchestra, will complete a
program that all will feel to be one of the best that the society has every had. Democratic
Advocate, January 12, 1923.
100 Years Ago SEEKING AN HEIRESS-A Small Fortune to a Former Resident of Westminster—The Mrs.
Lindsay spoken of in the following article was once a resident of Westminster. Her husband was a
member of the firm of Miller & Lindsay, dry goods merchants, who occupied the store building now
tenanted by Stephan Brothers: Nineteen thousand dollars and a diamond necklace has been left by a
deceased relative to Mrs. Agnes L. Lindsay, nee Whitehead, of Norfolk, Va. When last heard from was residing at the Swann Mansion, Franklin street, near Cathedral, Baltimore. American Sentinel, January
15, 1898.