September 13, 1998

25 Years Ago

Price Hike Expected For School Lunches—The Carroll County School Board was warned again at this month’s meeting that the price of school lunches will almost certainly have to be raised due to the ever-increasing cost of food. Price of school lunches was held at $.45 cents when school started in September but due to the increase in food prices, cafeterias have been operating at a loss, Dr. Orlando Furno, Assistant Superintendent of county schools said. Cost of milk has doubled in county schools this year due to the fact that it is no longer subsidized by state funds. Parents must now pay the full price for milk, which is 10 cents for a half pint. Type ‘A’ lunches, served to students, are still subsidized by state funds so the increase in milk prices has not effected the price of the lunch although a half pint of milk is part of the meal. The Carroll Record, September 13, 1973.

50 Years Ago

Restaurant Keeper Shot Twice In Hold-up – Chester M. Geiman, Near Melrose, Eludes Robbers By Barricading Himself In Building—Two hoodlums Monday night lured the Melrose proprietor of a tavern out of his establishment, beat him up and then shot him twice as he fled back into the building and attempted to barricade the door. The wounded man, Chester M. Geiman, 69, was unable to give police a motive for the attack but it was believed that one of the assailants might have been the bandit who robbed Mr. Geiman’s wife of $134 less than two weeks ago. Mr. Geiman was treated at University Hospital for bullet wounds in the hand and shoulder and is recovering. Democratic Advocate, September 10, 1948.

75 Years Ago

May Pension Old Members—A special meeting of Westminster Aerie No. 1078, Order of Eagles, was held last evening at 8 o’clock in the rooms of the Westminster Deposit and Trust Company. The purpose of the meeting which was arranged last week at a gathering called here by the state aerie was to take steps to crystallize sentiment in favor of old age pension at 65, a measure to secure which is being sponsored by the Eagles and which it is hoped to bring up at the next session of the state legislature. Through the Order an Old Age Pension Club for Maryland has been organized and much interest is being manifested throughout Maryland by not only members of the Order but influential business men and women. Democratic Advocate, September 14, 1923.

100 Years Ago

Maidensville Items—Notwithstanding the heat and dust a large number of people enjoyed the best picnic held in the grove at Winter’s, for years, last Saturday. The new organ, played by
Miss Linnie Fisher, gave forth such pleasing music that the church has decided to purchase it. The Union Bridge Band played a selection of pieces that did them great honor. Whenever they played a patriotic piece we thought of the soldier boys now returning from the war. The singing, under the direction of Mr. Fisher, was very creditable. The pastor, Rev. G. W. Bachman, made an eloquent address, brimful of good things. The part most enjoyed by the school was when they were treated to all the ice cream they could eat and given an abundance of cake and confectioneries. Those who remained to enjoy the picnic by moon-light say they never enjoyed anything more. The proceeds were $60. Linwood picnic at same place this Saturday. Democratic Advocate, September 10, 1898.