“Carroll County’s 157th Anniversary”

Carroll County Times article for 16 January 1994

By Joe Getty

The public is invited to participate in the Historical Society’s annual celebration of Carroll County’s anniversary this Wednesday, January 19th. A reception will be held at the special exhibition, “Carroll County and the Great War for Civilization, 1917-1919” from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. in the Shriver-Weybright Auditorium, 210 East Main Street, Westminster.

Carroll County was created by the Maryland General Assembly on January 19, 1837, and will celebrate its 157th anniversary this year. County Commissioners Donald Dell and Elmer Lippy will participate in a short ceremony at 5:00 p.m. to honor the county’s birthday and to assist the Historical Society in dedicating its recent publication, An Illustrated Atlas of Carroll County, Maryland.

The atlas contains a reprint of an 1877 edition compiled by the Philadelphia firm of Lake, Griffing and Stevenson. It shows Carroll County property owners in the 1877 election districts, towns and villages. The atlas includes additional data useful to reserachers in its business references, list of patrons and views.

Printed as part of the Historical Society’s Legacy Campaign, this edition includes a historical supplement of biographical, family, business and organizational sketches prepared in 1993 by donors to the campaign. This combined hard-back volume is a limited edition that serves as one of the best resources for researching Carroll County’s 19th and 20th century history.

Examples of local history photographs from the supplement are illustrated on this page. If you would like information about the county anniversary reception or atlas, contact the Historical Society at (410) 848-6494.

Photo Caption 1: The Woodward Family, relatives and friends at the 50th wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Theodore F. Englar, Meadow Brook, October 12, 1919. Seated, left to right: Mrs. Theodore (Irene Roop) Englar, Lydia Fogle, Theodore F. Englar, Mrs. Annie Shaffer (Theodore Englar’s sister), Mrs. Lewis (Martha Jane Roop) Woodward. Standing, left to right: Mrs. Frank (Grace) Miller, Reuben Cassel, Irene Fogle, Ray Fogle (standing behind his wife Irene), Lewis K. Woodward, M.D., Martha Jane Fogle (standing beside her mother), John Roop Woodward, Walter H. Davis holding Theodore E. Woodward on shoulder, Mrs. Lewis K. (Phoebe) Woodward (in front of Mr. Davis), Lewis K. Woodward, Jr., (next to his mother), Mrs. Ella Roberts, Mrs. Carrie Rinehart, Mr. Frank Miller, Mrs. Jane (Roop) Hulett, Mrs. Walter H. Davis, Mr. Carl Hulett, Mr. John L. Reifsnider, Jr., and Mrs. Fred Miller.
Photo Caption 2: Employees of the Westminster Post Office with Carroll County Rural Route Carriers, 1926. Joseph Shaw Stoner (second from left) is wearing his winter uniform as a rural route carrier. Westminster Postmaster Harry Kimmey stands beside vehicle 81 at the far right of the line of employees. The photograph was taken at Park Avenue on Belle Grove Square, Westminster.
Photo Caption 3: Bloomfield Manor is a unique farm house located in Sykesville, It depicts three different periods and styles of construction beginning in the late 18th through the 19th century. The original structure is a two-story log house possibly dating to pre-revolutionary times. The second phase is of stylistic interest becausse of its Greek Revival influence on the south facing porch. The final addition dominates the total appearance of the house by giving it an Italianate style.
Photo Caption 4: Mr. and Mrs. Jacob D. Starner pose in front of their Mt. Pleasant home with their children (left to right): William Calvin, Arthur Diehl, Anna Marie and Paul Bruce. From 1897 to 1902, the Starner family lived in this house located on Stone Road off Littlestown Pike.
Photo Caption 5: A New Windsor Legend – “Dutch’s” Barbershop: Howell “Dutch” Lovell – born in New Windsor in 1903, started barbering there about 1920 and continued until 1982 when he suffered a stroke. “Dutch” is remembered for his stories, practical jokes and giving the first haircut to several generations in town. He married Cathryn Fisher in 1925, had one daughter, Diana, and two grandchildren, Jack A. Gullo, Jr., and Kathryn Diana Gullo. How pleased he would be to know his old barbershop is being renovated by his son-in-law, Jack A. Gullo, for a law office for his grandson, who is the present Mayor of New Windsor. “Dutch” died in 1986.