“Newark Shoe Factory Dedicated in 1925”
Carroll County Times article for 21 May 2000
By Jay A. Graybeal

Seventy-five years ago, a new manufacturing business, the Newark Shoe Co., opened in Westminster. The event was celebrated in a novel way with a parade, dedication ceremony and an open house. An article in the May 29, 1925 issue of the Westminster Democratic Advocate newspaper described the unique event:

“The dedication of a new business enterprise is something unknown to our oldest citizens, but the head that conceived the plan is to be congratulated and the celebration is worth the notoriety it has been given.


The celebration was over the opening of the Newark Shoe Factory plant on East Green street, an enterprise that is running in full blast and employees over 200 men, women and boys.


The exercises opened at 2 p.m., before an unusual crowd of people by a parade.


The line of parade formed on Bell Grove Square and Green street with the head of the parade at Main and Bond streets, where it moved as follows:  Main to Pennsylvania avenue, to Union street, to Main, to Washington avenue, to Green street, where it dispersed at Church street, allowing all to inspect the Shoe Factory who desired.  Each person was given a souvenir as a remembrance of the shoe factory opening.


The celebration closed with a meeting in the Firemen’s hall at 8 p.m., when addresses were made by Congressman Millard E. Tydings, Mayor Howard E. Koontz, Senator Daniel J. Hesson, Guy W. Steele and Dwight M. Burroughs, president of the Better Business Bureau of Baltimore and publicity manager of the United Railways of Baltimore.


The crowd resembled a gathering for a circus that came to witness the parade and visit the Shoe factory.


The employees at the shoe factory were diked-out to look their best and they looked it.  The first case of shoes made is on exhibition in the display window of Nusbaum & Jordan and also contains the product that is used to make the shoes.


The line of parade was as follows:   Westminster Band, R. O. T. C. Western Maryland College, Mayor Koontz, Common Council, Officials of Chamber Of Commerce, School Children, Boy Scouts, Union Bridge Fire Company, Taneytown Fire Company, Westminster Fire Company, Decorated automobiles, transporting people to the Newark Shoe Factory.


It is the undivided opinion of our citizens that the number of automobiles in line was never surpassed in any event.  They even congested the thoroughfare.  Even Pennsylvania cars were in line.”

As the accompanying photograph shows, a display of shoe making process and finished products was mounted in the storefront window of Nusbaum and Jordan’s department store on E. Main St. in Westminster.  The exhibit was prepared by J. Leland Jordan who later became the editor of this newspaper. 
Photo caption: Storefront display of the Newark Shoe Co. products at Nusbaum and Jordan’s department store on E. Main St. in Westminster, May 28, 1925.  J. Leland Jordan Collection, Historical Society of Carroll County, Gift of the Commissioners of Carroll County, 1955.