“Westminster Celebrates the 4th of July 1925”

Carroll County Times for 28 June 1998

By Jay A. Graybeal

The 4th of July is perhaps the most American of our holidays. Traditionally, the holiday was observed with community events which often included a large dinner. The story about Westminster’s upcoming observance in 1925 was printed in the July 3rd issue of the Westminster American Sentinel newspaper:

“The 4th. In Westminster

Base Ball And Firemen’s Carnival

All Stores, Banks, Barber Shops Will Be Closed
Saturday, July 4th. will be observed by the citizens and business men of this city by a complete suspension of business. Public offices, banks, mercantile houses, barber shops, and newspaper offices will be closed and remain so until Monday morning July 6th.


Firemen’s Carnival
The Firemen’s carnival, which begins tonight, will be at its top speed all day Saturday and Saturday night. Friday afternoon a parade of the home and visiting firemen will take place, accompanied by business floats. The parade will form at Belle Grove Square at 1:30 P.M.


Prizes by Chamber of Commerce
The Westminster Chamber of Commerce will give prizes. A prize of $15 for best decorated auto and one of $25 for the best float.


Base Ball
At 3 P.M. on the old field at Western Maryland College the Fashion Q. Clothes A. C., will play the Union Bridge A. C. The teams are well matched and should play a very interesting game. Admission to the grounds will be 25 cents.

The Wear Well Pants Company of this city is behind the Fashion Q. Clothes Athletic Club, and presented the players with the new uniforms. The company employs a large number of operators, most of whom are female, and many of them will be on hand to root for their club.


The firemen have provided an opportunity for those who care to dance to enjoy themselves to their hearts content. Good music will be furnished and the best of order will prevail.


The Festival.
There will be many new features during the firemen’s festival. Chicken suppers, soft drinks, ice cream, cakes, candy, and a lot of other things will be offered for sale.


Help The Firemen.
When in trouble you call the firemen. When they need money to help them obey your commands they call on you. No better investment can be made with your money than helping to take care of the firemen. You may need them any moment.”
A description of the Auto Parade appeared in the following week’s paper:
“Fine Auto Parade
Friday’s parade was composed of business floats and decorated automobiles. There were a number of novel features in the advertising floats which drew a lot of attention and applause. The decorated floats were handsome.

The judges were Dr. L. K. Woodward, J. L. Reifsnider, Jr. and George W. Hoff. S. C. Stoner was chairman of the parade committee for the foremen and H. L. Hobby, chairman of the committee for the Chamber of Commerce.

The line-up was as follows: Chief of Police John N. Weigle, Machine Gun, Co. H., 1st Inf. Md. National Guard; Boys on decorated bicycles; Westminster Fire Department, Westminster hook and ladder truck, several novel features of Richardson Brothers; Custin and Smith, American Restaurant, J. L. Mathias, Englar & Sponseller, Fisher Motor Co., Nusbaum & Jordan, Farmers’ Supply, Westminster Hardware Co., DeLaval Cream Separator and farming machinery, D. S. Gehr, hardware; Wehler & King, three Amoco Gas Trucks, Keefer’s Sanitary Grocery, Charles Eckenrode, T. W. Mather and Sons, Inc., Coppersmith’s taxi, Candy Kitchen, Baile Motor Co., New Windsor; Brown, Sandy Mount; Caple, D. R. Geiman, Star Theatre, Osborne, and Erskine & Rudy.

A prize of $25 was awarded to Nusbaum & Jordan for the best decorated float and another of $15 to D. R. Geiman for the best decorated automobile. The awards were donated by the chamber of commerce.

Tomorrow afternoon, evening and night, the Westminster firemen will again hold a festival and bazaar at their building, this city. Last Saturday evening a rainstorm forced them to close up long before a large amount of merchandise etc., had been sold.”

As noted in the article, the July festivities continued with a community carnival and bazaar sponsored by the Westminster Firemen.
Photo caption: Contestants in the 1925 4th of July parade pass the former St. John’s Roman Catholic Church on E. Main St. The innovative float of Westminster department store Nusbaum and Jordan won the 1st prize of $25. Historical Society of Carroll County collection.