August 16, 1998

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August 16, 1998 25 Years Ago Tractor Pull Claims Fair's Biggest Draw—Of all the events at the 4-H and FFA Fair, the biggest crowd drawer was the tractor pulling contest. Some of the most powerful tractors and best drivers in the county competed in the event that lasted for several hours on Saturday and drew an [...]

August 9, 1998

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August 9, 1998 25 Years Ago Union Bridge Looking Forward To Another Baseball Season —Girl's Softball came to Union Bridge this summer and according to some of the participants, things will never be the same. The girls that played this year had fun, learned more about sportsmanship and showed the boys they aren't the only ones [...]

August 2, 1998

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August 2, 1998 25 Years Ago National Assoc. Honors Carroll County—Carroll County was honored in Dallas last week by the National Association of Counties (NACo) for its Growth Impact Studies Program. In anticipation of growth pressures, Carroll County started development projects on a six month cycle. This interim time period allows the county to evaluate the [...]

July 26, 1998

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July 26, 1998 25 Years Ago Study Recommends Ten More Troopers For County—Ten more State Policemen are needed in Carroll County, according to a study commissioned by the county, funded by the federal government and made by the Superintendent of the Maryland State Police last fall. Citing a rising crime rate and overall county growth, the [...]

July 19, 1998

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July 19, 1998 25 Years Ago Southern States Marks 50 years This Summer—Farmer-members of Southern States Cooperative will observe the 50th anniversary of the organization at a series of local annual meetings across 5 states this summer. The meeting for the local area is scheduled to be held August 14, at Big Pipe Creek Park. Southern [...]

July 12, 1998

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July 12, 1998 25 Years Ago Second Budget Cut By Commissioners Termed Illegal—The Carroll County School Board heard today that the County Commissioners may have made the second and most recent school board budget cut illegally. "County Commissioners made the $67,000 budget cut after the tax rate had been set and the county's budget already adopted," [...]

July 5, 1998

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July 5, 1998 25 Years Ago Old Time Market Again In Carroll County—You can find historical lore aplenty in Carroll County, in the heart of northern Maryland's agriculturally oriented Piedmont area. Another plaque marks the location of "Corbit's Charge" on June 29, 1863, which slowed up a Rebel cavalry division on its way to the Battle [...]

June 28, 1998

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June 28, 1998 25 Years Ago County Mayors Protest Cut In Road Funds For Towns—Lloyd Jones, Financial director forthe county, tried to explain to eight protesting mayors last week why incorporated towns in the county won't be getting roads funds for fiscal year 73-74. Next year's road funds are largely being provided by state funds and [...]

June 21, 1998

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June 21, 1998 25 Years Ago Farm Visitation Day Record Turnout Seen—Tropical storm Agnes more or less wiped out last year's sixth annual Farm Visitation Day. So this year, a record number of 31 "Welcome Farms" in counties stand ready to host town and city families for the seventh annual last-Sunday-in June event. The sponsoring Maryland [...]

June 7, 1998

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June 7, 1998 25 Years Ago ‘Old Maryland Day’ Benefits 5th Graders—Recently the fifth grade at Taneytown Middle School held an "Old Maryland Day" sale in order to raise money for a field trip. While preparations for this sale continued, the Social Studies room became a workshop where the students made copies of the original charter, [...]


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